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About VMC Health

Founded in 1969 VMC Products For Health Inc., is one of the pioneer companies in the health food industry. We introduced the first electric yogurt maker for home use in the United States in 1970. Since then, VMC has added various electric and non-electric yogurt makers, accessories for the yogurt makers, yogurt starters, kefir starter, and cheese starters under the “Yogourmet” name.
From the beginning, VMC Products For Health Inc. was committed to manufacturing quality products. Not only has this commitment not altered, but also it has become an integral philosophy of the company.

Having acquired our current strength through experience, the quality of our personnel and the effectiveness of our equipment, in 1990 VMC Products For Health Inc. was in a position to offer its knowledge and ability to provide probiotic ingredients and custom probiotic formulas for industry manufacturers. Now we not only supply individuals with home yogurt making equipment, but we also supply the American manufacturers with standard probiotic ingredients and custom probiotic formulas.

Our probiotic ingredients and formulas are available in many different forms. All of which are of the highest quality, at a low competitive price and outstanding service that you have come to expect from VMC Products For Health Inc. With the expansion of our facilities, we increased our capabilities of formulating, private labeling and exporting products. We now export to Asia, Europe and South America. All products manufactured by VMC Products For health Inc. are of the highest quality. In order to insure this all products go through stringent quality control tests at all levels of production. From the raw material to the packaging of the finish product, we take every measure to ensure that every product exceeds industry standards

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